Union Resources

Union Products and Services

Support and promote the union label

When purchasing products and services, please encourage the use of union vendors.

The links below will allow to you to download or connect you with union sources for a variety of goods and services. We want to continue to grow this list, so if you have suggestions for additional union products and services to be included on this list, please contact the CFL.

Cars and Trucks (download pdf)

Support union auto makers by buying a union-made car or truck.  Check out the 2012 UAW list

Bus Guide (link)

Support union union motor coach companies by choosing union ground transportation

Hotel Guide (link)

A nationwide searchable database of union hotels

Moving Companies (link)

Union-represented moving companies in the Chicago area

Printers and Sign Makers (link)

These union companies can produce anything from handbills to banners to lapel pins

Restaurant Guide (link)

Support union restaurant workers by frequenting union restaurants

Video Production Services (pdf)

These union professionals provide television and video production services (IBEW Local 1220)

AFL-CIO Union Label Department (link)

Visit this site for more information about union-made products and services