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December 15, 2010
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Unions Endorse Pro-Labor Candidates for City Offices

The Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL) today endorsed men and women for the Chicago Treasurer, Clerk and City Council in the February 22, 2011 Municipal Election

Chicago, IL —

The Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL) today endorsed men and women for the Chicago Treasurer, Clerk and City Council in the February 22, 2011 Municipal Election who have demonstrated strong support for working people through their records as elected officials, work in the community or responses to questions posed to them by the largest labor body in Chicago and Cook County.

In the race for Mayor, the delegates to the CFL political education committee voted to defer a recommendation until a future date.  Earlier in the day, the members of the Executive Board interviewed candidates for mayor seeking the endorsement.

“We had a good discussion with many of the candidates about the complex issues facing the city, including the budget crisis, our public schools, job creation and economic development, and the unfunded pension liability, to name a few,” said Jorge Ramirez, President of the Chicago Federation of Labor.  “The members of our Executive Board decided they needed more time to evaluate the candidates before making a decision.”

The affiliated unions of the CFL had previously agreed to remain neutral until a collective decision could be made.  With the exception of a few organizations, the broader labor movement will remain united in seeking a consensus choice for Mayor.

The City Council will be more independent under the next mayor than it has in the past.  After electing several new aldermen in the 2007 municipal election, the CFL and its affiliates will work hard to protect its allies and pick up some seats in open contests.   

“Historically, organized labor has been able to communicate with union members and get them to the polls on Election Day in greater numbers than any other group,” said Robert G. Reiter, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer.  “This upcoming election will be no different.  Our members will work to support these candidates because of the difference they will make for working families in Chicago.”

“With more than 300,000 union households in the City of Chicago, organized labor has a lot at stake in this election,” said Ramirez.  “Union members are important members of our communities and they care dearly about the future of this city.  They are excited to play an active role in shaping that future.”

Chicago Federation of Labor

2011 Municipal Election -- COPE Endorsed Candidates

City Clerk                                Susana Mendoza

City Treasurer                        Stephanie Neely

Ward 1                                    Proco “Joe” Moreno

Ward 2                                    No Endorsement

Ward 3                                    Pat Dowell

Ward 4                                    William “Will” Burns

Ward 5                                    Leslie Hairston

Ward 6                                    Freddrenna Lyle

Ward 7                                    No Endorsement

Ward 8                                    Michelle A. Harris

Ward 9                                    Anthony Beale

Ward 10                                    John Pope

Ward 11                                    No Endorsement

Ward 12                                    No Endorsement

Ward 13                                    Frank Olivo

Ward 14                                    Ed Burke

Ward 15                                    Toni Foulkes

Ward 16                                    JoAnn Thompson

Ward 17                                    Latasha Thomas

Ward 18                                    Lona Lane

Ward 19                                    Matt O’Shea

Ward 20                                    Willie Cochran

Ward 21                                    No Endorsement

Ward 22                                    Ricardo Munoz

Ward 23                                    Michael Zalewski

Ward 24                                    No Endorsement

Ward 25                                    No Endorsement

Ward 26                                    No Endorsement

Ward 27                                    Walter Burnett, Jr.

Ward 28                                    Jason Ervin

Ward 29                                    Deborah Graham

Ward 30                                    Ariel Reboyras

Ward 31                                    Ray Suarez

Ward 32                                    Scott Waguespack

Ward 33                                    Richard Mell

Ward 34                                    Carrie Austin

Ward 35                                    Rey Colon

Ward 36                                    John Rice

Ward 37                                    No Endorsement

Ward 38                                    Timothy Cullerton

Ward 39                                    Margaret Laurino

Ward 40                                    Patrick O’Connor

Ward 41                                    No Endorsement

Ward 42                                    Brendan Reilly

Ward 43                                    Carmen Olmetti

Ward 44                                    No Endorsement

Ward 45                                    Marina Faz-Huppert

Ward 46                                    No Endorsement

Ward 47                                    Gene Schulter

Ward 48                                    Harry Osterman

Ward 49                                    Joe Moore

Ward 50                                    Debra Silverstein