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November 09, 2012

Unions demand accountability from elected officials in post-election television ad

30-second commercial urges elected officials to stand with working men and women as they return to work following Tuesday’s election

CHICAGO—Following Tuesday’s election in which union members helped generate massive voter turnout, the Chicago Federation of Labor released a new 30-second television ad to send a clear message to both union members and the leaders they helped elect: This election may be over, but this fight’s just begun.

The election night celebration was short lived for working families who quickly set their focus on looming battles ahead at the local and national level. The coalition of labor unions is reminding working men and women to stay engaged in the issues following the election. And it is sending a message to elected officials that working men and women have been pushed far enough.

The United States Congress, including ousted members such as Reps. Joe Walsh, Bob Dold and Judy Biggert, will return for a lame-duck session in which members must address the costly Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans and the future of vital programs such as Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.

Members of the Illinois General Assembly will return to Springfield with pension reform on the agenda for veto session or the following General Assembly next year.

“Voters sent a clear message in this election that they reject policies that favor the super-wealthy at the expense of middle class families,” said Jorge Ramirez, President of the Chicago Federation of Labor. “At the state, local and national levels, voters demand a fair economy that works for everyone. Organized labor helped build the middle class. That’s what we’re fighting to protect.”

The new ad is part of the substantial buy for broadcast television in the Chicago market that began the week before the election with a get-out-the-vote message. With the election over, the attention has shifted to upcoming policy decisions.

The ad stems from a 2-minute web video the Chicago Federation of Labor launched on Labor Day at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina. In a speech to delegates from Illinois, Ramirez warned elected officials and other stakeholders not to take the support of organized labor for granted and urged them to work collectively to help working men and women. The commercial can be seen at:


The Chicago Federation of Labor is largest organized labor body in the Chicago area, representing more than 320 affiliated labor unions comprised of half a million union members in Chicago and Cook County.