Press Releases
February 15, 2017

Statement from CFL President Jorge Ramirez on Governor Rauner's Budget Address

“Once again, the governor is out of touch with what Illinoisans really need to thrive. For two years, he has sat on the sidelines, prolonging the crisis while pointing the finger at everyone around him for the consequences of his failure. Governor Rauner can choose to end the budget impasse if he would simply drop his personal agenda and do his job, but today’s speech shows he has no interest in doing what’s right for the people of Illinois. The budget he presented is not a thoughtful budget aimed at expanding the economy, increasing upward economic mobility for everyone and growing our middle class. Instead, it shields large corporations from their fiscal responsibilities and places the burden of fixing our economy on the backs of consumers, the real job creators in Illinois, and workers. Gov. Rauner should propose a real budget that puts middle class families first and makes corporations and the super-wealthy, like Rauner himself, finally pay their fair share.”