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September 06, 2013

New videos connect past, present and future of Chicago labor movement

Released over Labor Day weekend, the videos feature gripping accounts of the struggles and accomplishments of the labor movement in Chicago to help working families improve their lives

The Chicago Federation of Labor released two new videos over Labor Day weekend paying tribute to the historic events and the people who have shaped the labor movement.

The first video, "It's Local," looks at Chicago's rich history as the hometown of the American labor movement with struggles such as the Haymarket Affair, the Pullman strike and the strike and massacre at Republic Steel. From those events grew a strong labor movement of local unions that, when joined together, amplify the voices of working men and women.

Watch it here

The second video, "CFL Voices," features voices of Chicago labor leaders and activists who are leading our movement. Working men and women face stiff opposition from right-wing political leaders and anti-union corporate interests. The labor movement is the only way working people can fight back. 

Watch it here

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