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March 22, 2012

Unions stand up for janitors, communication workers against corporate greed

Members of SEIU and CWA were joined by others in their fights for fair contracts

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Union members march down Michigan Ave. for fair contractsOn Thursday, March 22, Chicago unions joined forces to fight corporate greed for two important contract struggles preventing workers from receiving the respect they deserve. 

Close to 200 union members and community partners rallied at Daley Plaza to support members of SEIU Local 1 who are in talks for a new contract to replace the one that expires in early April.  The 3,500 Chicago janitors affected make an average of $20,000 a year—far below the estimated annual cost of living for a family of four in Chicago.

The crowd then marched to the Verizon store on Michigan Ave. and Monroe St. as part of a national day of action for workers, belonging to the Communication Workers of America (CWA) and IBEW, to win a fair contract.  Following a two-week strike last summer, workers returned to work after Verizon agreed to bargain for a fair contract. But since then, Verizon has fired some workers who took part in the strike, has shipped jobs overseas and wants to outsource even more jobs. The company is demanding that workers pay thousands of dollars more for health care coverage with slashed benefits. Verizon even wants to cut disability benefits for workers injured doing their jobs. Meanwhile, Verizon continues to pay executives exorbitant salaries and rake in billions in profits.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Verizon's CEO to negotiate a fair contract