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November 04, 2011

Teachers union, Chicago Public Schools reach deal on longer day

The Chicago Teachers Union has announced a deal with the Chicago Public Schools over the 'longer school day'

Source: WBEZ/Associated Press

The Chicago Teachers Union says officials with Chicago Public Schools have agreed to stop asking schools to voluntarily lengthen their school day this year.

CTU President Karen Lewis announced the deal Friday after a daylong meeting with school leaders to avoid a showdown with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Lewis says Madigan was prepared to file for an injunction to stop the schools from extending the school day by "unlawful means."

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had offered financial incentives to schools that agreed to lengthen their school day. The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board, however, had voted to block Emanuel's administration from negotiating with more schools.

Thirteen schools have voted to increase the length of their school day.