CFL News
November 16, 2011

Pension cuts stopped--for now

Pension-slashing SB 512 was stopped during the state legislature's veto session in Springfield. But lawmakers are scheduled to return later this month, and could take up the measure again.

Your voices have been heard! Thanks to your hard work, SB 512, the legislative vehicle to slash pensions for public employees, was once again stopped in its tracks—for now.

Tens of thousands of calls and emails poured into Springfield from working men and women across the state, demonstrating our collective strength and solidarity. In addition, we joined together to rally in the Capitol to protect public employee pensions. As a result, although SB 512 was released by a House committee, it was not called for a vote on the floor.

Never doubt the power of your voice.

But we are not out of the woods. Lawmakers are scheduled to reconvene for a special session on November 29. While we do not expect lawmakers to bring SB 512 to a vote at that time, we are poised to act quickly if that should change.

Our message remains the same. Any solution must address the heart of the problem: the failure of politicians to make the required contributions to the retirement systems, even as public employees paid their share on time, every time.

While we are heartened by last week’s outcome, the fight to protect the life savings of Illinois’ public employees is not over yet. Keep an eye on our website, on Facebook, and on Twitter for updates in the coming weeks.

On behalf of the more than one million working men and women of the We Are One Illinois Coalition, thank you for all your hard work.