CFL News
March 19, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Thanks due to CTA workers

A letter to the editor credits CTA workers for discovering a serious flaw in new rail cars that prevented a potential accident and injury

When the CTA makes a mistake, there seems to be little hesitation by the media and the “man in the street” to condemn the agency for a lack of concern for public safety, inadequate training of employees or waste of funds.

Yet the silence has been deafening since the discovery by CTA inspectors of a serious flaw in the railcar truck assemblies of the first of hundreds of new rail cars that the agency quickly took out of service before any accidents could occur.

Shouldn’t there be some expressions of appreciation made to those obviously dedicated CTA workers who were willing to confront North America’s preeminent railcar manufacturer with evidence of quality control failures that could have cost millions of dollars in lawsuits if accidents with passenger injuries had resulted?

J.L. Stern,

Highland Park