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April 17, 2012

Illinois unions protest Wisconsin governor

Thousands of working men and women from across Illinois protested an appearance by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at a business group's convention in Springfield

On Tuesday, April 17, thousands of working men and women from across Illinois protested an appearance by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at an event hosted by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce in Springfield. Gov. Walker led Wisconsin’s controversial anti-union efforts to demolish collective bargaining rights for public employees last year. As a result, public workers no longer have the right to bargain collectively over wages, benefits and conditions of employment. Their pension benefits are lower and their health insurance costs are higher.

Working families from Chicago and throughout Illinois greeted the Gov. Walker with the message that his politics are not right for Illinois.  

Despite his dramatic efforts to turn around the state’s economy, Wisconsin still lags behind other Midwestern states including Illinois in job creation.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin lost 21,000 jobs in 2011 under Gov. Walker while Illinois added 32,000.

Union members in Wisconsin are not the only workers he’s attacked either.  Just this month, the governor signed a bill to repeal the Equal Pay Enforcement Act, a law that made it easier for victims of wage discrimination to plead their case in court.
Gov. Walker’s unpopularity led to a recall election scheduled for later this summer. In addition to the candidates running for Governor against him, Mahlon Mitchell, leader of the Wisconsin fire fighters union, is running for Lieutenant Governor.  

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