CFL News
April 27, 2012

Heroic Teamster Saves Woman From Burning Car

Local 700 IDOT Member Rescues Stranger During Routine Call

Teamsters Local 700 member Dan Giglio successfully and heroically rescued a woman from an overturned, burning car after answering a routine call at work early in the morning on April 8.

"I got the call and when I got there, the car was flipped over and on fire," said Giglio, an Emergency Traffic Patrolman with the Illinois Department of Transportation. "I saw the woman was in the car, stuck with her seatbelt on."

Without hesitation, Giglio climbed into the burning car to cut the woman free. Minutes later, the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames.

"This unimaginable act of courage saved a person's life," said Becky Strzechowski, Local 700 Secretary-Treasurer. "It also serves as an excellent reminder that these Emergency Traffic Patrol employees are right out there with the State Police, saving lives while risking their own."

Because of his heroic efforts, the woman survived.

"I spoke with her [recently]," said Giglio. "She is doing just fine."

Members of the Emergency Traffic Patrol respond to accidents daily and often assist the state police in rescue efforts.

"These members are out there during some of the worst accidents you've ever seen, yet they always handle each situation with courage and professionalism," said Michael G. Melone, Local 700 Recording Secretary and Business Agent.

"In these economic times, all of our employers, from the state to the smallest municipality, are trying to slash wages and benefits left and right. But our members are still out there doing their jobs above and beyond their call of duty," Melone added. "This situation is a perfect example. Dan wasn't thinking about himself-he was thinking of that woman. We're all extremely proud of him and all of our members."