CFL News
April 03, 2017

Distinguishing Free Press from Fake News

Distinguishing Free Press from Fake News

The CFL joined with NABET-CWA Local 41 and the Loyola University Chicago School of Communication to present a panel discussion about attacks on the free press and the propagation of fake news. Craig Dellimore, President of the SAG-AFTRA Chicago Local, moderated a discussion between Chicago-area reporters, photographers, and legal experts.

Panelists included TV anchor/reporter Ariel Gurian (SAG-AFTRA), Chicago SunTimes reporter Rummana Hussain (Chicago News Guild), WBEZ reporter Michael Puente (SAG-AFTRA), news photographer Raza Siddiqui (NABET-CWA), and Associate Professor and Program Director for the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy at Loyola University Chicago Bastiaan Vanacker.

The panel discussed the rise of fake news via social media and the changing landscape of news media consumption. They explored how false news stories muddled political debates, altered media narratives and influenced public opinion. They offered thoughts on how to identify and challenge fake news stories online.

The CFL was proud to sponsor the event as part of its ongoing commitment to a healthy free press and to informing the public about important issues affecting Chicago and the nation.


To watch the complete broadcast of the Free Press v Fake News panel, click here.