CFL News
March 10, 2014

Citizen Action/Illinois released a new report about Republican Governor Candidate Bruce Rauner

Report shows that contrary to Mr. Rauner’s self-proclaimed “outsider status,” he is the ultimate insider when it comes to leveraging his wealth and relationships to fund his vast campaign war chest.

Citizen Action/Illinois released a new report last week, which shines the light on the Republican Candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner, and how he is leveraging his vast wealth and insider relationships to fund his campaign war chest.

William McNary, co-director of Citizen Action/Illinois said, “This report reveals that the self-funding billionaire candidate for governor is not the outside reformer that he claims to be in his campaign appeal to the voters of Illinois. Bruce Rauner is the consummate political insider who doesn’t hesitate to use his well-connected inner circles to buy whatever he wants, including the governorship of Illinois.”

The report looks at four aspects of the Rauner Money Machine, including the use of his own personal wealth and record of giving to political parties and politicians, as well as the giving of his inner circle of friends and business associates who are providing a substantial portion of his campaign war chest.

McNary concludes that, “After reading this report it should be clear to voters that Bruce Rauner and his handful of super wealthy and well-connected business associates are banding together to buy him the Republican nomination for Governor.”

To read the report, click here.