CFL News
September 21, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union reaches contract agreement

New contract reforms evaluation policies, makes commitment to classroom improvements

After striking for the first time in 25 years, the Chicago Teachers Union reached a fair contract with the Chicago Board of Education. The contract contains many significant gains for teachers in their ongoing efforts to improve the quality of education for Chicago’s public school students.

The three year contract includes a salary increase for teachers, institutes a wellness program to help freeze health care premiums and copays, hiring additional teachers for art, music and PE, maintains limits on class size, and makes the evaluation process fairer and less reliant on standardized testing.

During the week and half long strike, parents, community members and union members showed their support for the teachers.

“For Chicago’s public school teachers, their work is more than an occupation—it’s a calling,” said Chicago Federation of Labor President Jorge Ramirez. “They care deeply and passionately about our schools, the quality of education they provide and the future of the children they teach. Chicagoans stand with our teachers because we respect them and the work they do every day in our communities to support our children.”

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