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March 23, 2012

Chicago Pipefitters Show Off Big City Fishing on National Outdoor TV Show

Three union members from Chicago will be featured on Brotherhood Outdoors on Thursday, March 27 on the Sportsman Channel

Join the adventure as UA Local 597 Chicago pipefitters Dan McNally, Fred Popplewell and Kevin Crum show off their fishing skills on the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance’s (USA) award-winning TV show, Brotherhood Outdoors, at 7 p.m. CT on Thursday, March 29 on Sportsman Channel.

McNally and Brotherhood Outdoors host, Tom Ackerman, met nearly three years ago while filming an episode of the USA’s former TV show. When McNally learned about the opportunity to host Ackerman for an episode of Brotherhood Outdoors and showcase his hometown of Chicago, he instantly recruited the help of his union brothers Popplewell and Crum.

Honored to show off Lake Michigan’s plentiful waters and famed salmon and trout, the pipefitter trio enlists the expertise of local charter captain Doug Iliff from Angler’s Adventures. As they set out for a full day of fishing on a tricked out 30’ Baha Cruiser 299 Sportfish, the weather takes an unexpected turn, sending the fish to the depths of the lake. The group manages to muscle in three lakers a piece—including one 14 lb. fish—amidst a healthy dose of friendly competition between Ackerman and the rest of the crew.
Passionate about building a future generation of sportsmen and women, McNally, Popplewell and Crum launched “Operation Brotherhood Outdoors” as a way to highlight the variety of fishing opportunities a big city can offer.

“I hope the definition of brotherhood rings true in our episode,” said McNally. “I want viewers to see the value of having a set of friends you trust and enjoy enough to work with and still want to spend time with outside of the shop. That’s what Kevin, Fred and I have, and that’s the example we want to set for a future generation of Chicago anglers.”
Sportsman Channel is broadcast locally on Channel 416 and 554 and in HD on Channel 252 (city of Chicago only). Tune in at 7 p.m. or 10 p.m. CT on Thursday, March 29 to find out if Ackerman can hold his own with these Chicago sportsmen on this exciting episode of Brotherhood Outdoors.

A unique outdoor TV series that showcases union workers’ commitment to their communities and their love for the great outdoors, Brotherhood Outdoors rewards blue-collar characters like McNally, Popplewell and Crum with either a guided hunting or fishing trip in North America or the opportunity to show off their skills by taking Ackerman to their own honey holes. For more information, visit

Check out a video preview of the episode here