CFL News
May 15, 2013

CFL hosts scholarship winners at reception

Winners of the 2013 William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship were presented with their awards at a reception at the Chicago Federation of Labor Tuesday evening

The Chicago Federation of Labor hosted the winners of the 2013 William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship at a reception Tuesday evening. The winners and their families were accompanied by representatives from their local unions.

Every year, the Chicago Federation of Labor offers ten scholarships to Chicago-area students graduating from high school who belong to, or whose parents belong to, an affiliated union.

“We are all proud of the winners of this year’s William A. Lee scholarship competition,” said Secretary-Treasurer Robert G. Reiter. “Your futures are bright and we are encouraged that your generation will someday be leaders of this country. The Chicago Federation of Labor is proud to support you and your families as you pursue your dreams that will have a profound impact on working people throughout the world.”

The winners of this year’s scholarship are:

  • Elizabeth Lesley Benson – AFGE Local 704
  • Juliana Marie Ennes – UFCW Local 881
  • Emma Leah Grisanzio – Northwest Suburban Teacher’s Union Local 1211
  • Bryant Harwell – AFGE Local 704
  • John Vernon Mayer – Sprinkler Fitters Local 281
  • Stephanie Louise Miklaszewski – Chicago Teacher Union Local 1
  • Brendan Patrick Moriarty – Chicago Firefighters Local 2
  • Jose Manuel Pescador – SEIU Local 1
  • Kaelin Louise Pratt - AFGE Local 648
  • Anne Marie Urban – Teamsters Local 727