CFL News
September 21, 2011

CFL Workers Assistance Committee helps transition laid-off workers to new careers

The Health Care Career Bridge program helps laid-off workers transition to successful new careers in health care

Steve Mazner was laid off from ATA Airlines after they ceased operations in 2008. Discouraged after losing his job as a flight attendant, he “felt lost and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. The airline industry was my life for 15 years.” 

His pay was consistently cut to keep the airline in operation and he knew the airline industry was not the same as it used to be. Steve wanted to get into a different field of work and "decided to go back to school and train for a job in health care.” Steve heard about CFL Workers Assistance Committee from his former union, The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) and enrolled in the Health Care Career Bridge (HCCB) program in spring 2009.

The CFL Workers Assistance Committee’s HCCB program is funded through a grant from the City of Chicago and is one of the few bridge programs tailored specifically for laid-off workers interested in transitioning to a career in health care.

After completing the bridge program, Steve decided to pursue radiology training and received a training voucher to attend the Medical Radiologic Technology program at Malcolm X College in Chicago where he graduated at the top of his class.

Sustainable Employment

Steve is currently working at Weiss Memorial Hospital making $32 an hour as a Radiologic Technologist, in the registry department. When asked what the CFL Workers Assistance Committee means to him, Steve said, “education and help for training for a new career in a stable industry. I can now continue to grow and advance professionally and feel confident about my abilities.” Steve is continuing on with his education and is starting a B.S. program in Radiologic Science this fall and thanks our whole team for being an instrumental part of his success, “I love my new career and am very happy I had the resources of the CFL Workers Assistance Committee behind me the whole way.”

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