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March 15, 2017

First Contract Victory For Peco Pallet Workers

First Contract Victory For Peco Pallet Workers

On March 7, 43 workers at Peco Pallet voted unanimously to ratify their first contract. The Peco workers' new contract provides for annual across the board pay increases, seniority rights, posting of vacancies, just cause for discipline, and health and safety protections.

Workers voted to join Teamsters Local 743 in June 2016 and negotiations for their first contract began in July. Peco workers Joe Nauracy, Danny Sanchez, Valentine Miranda and Derrick Rudd served on the bargaining team along with Union Representative Jarvis Gutter and Teamsters Local 743 Vice President Catharine Schutzius.

It took hard work and a fight to win a fair contract. The bargaining team members kept the workers in the plant informed about bargaining meetings during the 8-months-long contract fight. Teamsters Local 743 members, Peco employees and allies, including members of the United Auto Workers Local 551 who work at the nearby Ford assembly plant, rallied in front of the plant in December 2016.