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February 01, 2018

CFL Teams with Affiliates to Battle So-Called "Right-To-Work"

CFL Teams with Affiliates to Battle So-Called

As Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and his allies amp up their efforts to push an antiworker/anti-union agenda, the CFL and its affiliates have formed a committee to combat the propaganda hurting Illinois’ working families, specifically so-called “Right-to-Work” laws.

A vast majority of the general public, as well as many union members, do not truly understand the dangers of so-called “Right-to-Work”
laws. The name is a misnomer, intentionally meant to mislead workers into thinking it protects their rights. Instead, these laws take away their freedom to join together and negotiate for a fair return on their work. Real freedom is about more than simply making a living; it’s also about having time to take a loved one to the doctor, attend a conference at your kid’s school and retire in dignity.

Many unions on the CFL’s Anti-Right-to-Work Committee have begun reaching out to their members and the public at large to combat the anti-worker message that RTW brings. For example, the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 have been instrumental to date on educating the public on topics such as RTW and prevailing wage by creating positive messages about what a union contract provides like training and equality.

Visit the CRCC’s website and
IUOE Local 150’s website